International Yoga Day in Florida Keys June 2017

The United Nations proclaimed June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word “yoga” derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union.
South Florida is joining their energy to this movement with a sunrise practice on seven-mile bridge in the Florida Keys. The symbology of the bridge reflects union. When the moon sets and the sun rises, the local community will practice together with a positive intention of Peace and Union. Like rain drops that come together to form a big Ocean.

“This year’s observance of the International Day of Yoga highlights the important role healthy living plays in the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals, adopted last year by all 193 United Nations Member States.” BAN KI-MOON, United Nations Secretary-General
To honor the natural resources and energies the focus of the practice and international day of yoga in the Florida Keys will be based on the Five Elements and DHARMI® Method. The program includes yoga practice for all levels, from beginners to advanced, conferences about natural resources and environmental movements, healthy local food and community support. Christelle Chopard, founder of the DHARMI Method and Yoga School RYS-500 will be leading the practice.

“Catch the Momentum – Catch the Wave”

Christelle began to study different forms of holistic consulting, coaching and alternative therapies in the early nineties. She learned to guide people through profound emotions, insights and sensations. She finds that a key aspect is to observe the momentum when you’re experiencing an emotion or sensation so you can receive the power to move forward with wisdom and confidence. This process requires alertness and sensitivity to the natural resources of energy based on the Five Elements. “It’s a very subtle yet powerful momentum, like catching a wave”, she says. “At the beginning, we may miss many of those waves for not being prepared or alert enough. Sometimes we may crash or resist them. With practice and dedication, we can recognize the signs and become aligned to catch those momentums and follow the opportunities that are set on our paths”.

Christelle firmly believes that managing stress requires alertness and practice to catch the momentum. The DHARMI® Method considers five key momentums that we can learn to recognize and manage before it causes too much pressure or stress in our lives.
Earth Element: Is when you receive a sign related to your health, resources or any aspect of your foundation. This is a call to organize your time, space and life with dedication.
Water Element: Is when you notice emotional imbalance that reminds you to take into consideration the emotional intelligence, the intuition and sense of togetherness in your relationships.
Fire Element: Some people may procrastinate while others tend to take over. When is it a good time to take action? It’s being attentive to your feelings, while using your talents to take leadership with warmth and charisma.
Air Element: Our thoughts can take us to places that are very unhealthy when we are not alert or focused on what really matters. Reflection is key for a clear mind, communication and direction.

Ether Element: When we lose faith or hope it is time to reconsider our spiritual path and beliefs.
When you are attentive to the momentums you are more likely to balance the stress level into your life.
June 21, 2017 Christelle will lead a free Dharmic Sunrise Yoga Experience on 7-Mile Bridge, in the Florida Keys in recognition of International Yoga Day, and to support the local community raising funds for non-profit organization, Healing Life Change. Yoga, meditation and holistic activities throughout the day will be based on the DHARMI Method which integrates the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether for balance and well-being. For more information go to

Originally from Switzerland, Christelle is now based in Florida She is an author, speaker, holistic therapist, qigong & yoga instructor who supports men and women all over the world to clarify their path and access their true potential. An adventurous and independent woman, Christelle enjoys the practice of environmentally friendly sports such as Yoga-Water, Kitesurfing, Paddleboarding, swimming, and skiing. She combines internal and external awakenings with worldwide travel experiences through different cultures for healthy nutrition and lifestyle.