The Easy Yogi, Owner/President of mindfulCITY  is a personal consulting company specializing in practical spirituality. It's about using the soul's innate inner wisdom to navigate daily life — essentially taking the mat to the streets — by combining instruction in meditation and Ayurveda with guidance on how to access and use your own inner compas to navigate your unique path.  An early description of Ayurveda given in the Caraka Samhita says: "It is called Ayurveda because it tells us which substances, qualities and actions are life enhancing, and which are not. -- Sutrasthana 30.23.  The Easy Yogi offers one-on-one consultations, courses, workshops and retreats. The Easy Yogi also hosts MindfulCITY's signature podcast.


is Florida's premier online guide to conscious living by connecting you with local events with a focus on health, wellness, and spirituality. It is the search engine for your soul, providing connection not only to local conscious events, but also to practitioners and businesses, through a directory, reviews, calendar of events, and newsletter. The MindfulCITY podcast brings you an intimate exploration of the businesses, practitioners, and artists making an impact in the Florida spiritual community, directing your attention to people, places, and events designed to help you along your path. Join us on Patreon and support our mindful discoveries: https://www.patreon.com/mindfulCITY


While it is true that our inner state is paramount in shaping our experience in this physical world, understanding ourselves requires exploring our interrelationship with the five elements. We affect them, and they in turn affect us. How do the five elements impact our physical, mental, and emotional make-up? And what practices, from diet to physical care, can we use to heal our relationship with the five elements to reach new levels of physical wellness and spiritual wholeness? Join us for a small group explorations into Ayurvedic and complementary holistic practices.



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