As we approach the event, we are greeted by three people at the check-in table for tickets located in front of the building. One of the people glances the list for our names and they are nowhere to be found. My boss the CEO of mindfulCITY briefly explains, that we called and spoke to someone about the tickets. “Oh okay!”: the woman replies. The man beside her makes a joke about the incident, then we all laugh. One of the women asks the person in charge of the venue to come over for a moment, the lady with the list explains the situation to the second woman who happened to be the owner of the of the facility. She smiles with her eyes; I could tell even with the mask covering her face. She nods says: “sure let’em in”. The lady sitting at the table had already placed the fluorescent-colored band around our wrist before she even got a response. The entire situation was nice and friendly, quick and easy.

They scan our wrist bands and we proceeded to our seats. As we walk in or out, I’m not sure because it was an outdoor patio. The lights drip from the sky above radiating from a handmade chandelier draped from a nearby tree. The facet of the building wall is covered in broken mirror shards that resemble a fractured reality which coincided perfectly with what was about to take place. Dixon’s Violin! An ancient and mystical energy that takes form once bow meets strings. This was my second time having the pleasure of watching time being held hostage as its captor builds a prison of sound that no one would try to escape from.

It is late afternoon, the day’s eyelids are closing.  A tall blonde man steps on the stage “Kevin” I come to find out later is his name. He gives a brief introduction, then Dixon steps on stage. He greets the crowd with a hello and a warm smile that breaks through the haze of dusk. He asks us a few questions to get to know audience better. Then he begins. By this time night had gently crept in without notice. He taps on his beautifully crafted violin and creates a percussive echo that undulates through the crowd. You feel it in the hollows of your body. He drags the bow across the strings which sends the violin wailing in the most celestial way. Every time hank and metal clashed was like the first kiss from someone you loved forever. Each note was a handwritten letter delivered to your spirit straight from the source. This human is the mixture of technique and sophistication with abstract freedom that merge into his message to our being. I sat motionless for almost an hour completely succumb to his sound. All the lights around me had rolled into a kaleidoscope as the stars peaked through treetops to catch a glimpse of their brother on stage generating light in another form.

My words don’t come near to a true or just description of the artist nor my experience. It’s merely an expression of my senses. So, I ask for you not to take my word as just words, use them more as a map. To take a journey to an artist, to decide if your senses would like to setup camp.

After the performance I had a moment to speak with Dixon, from what I observed he takes time to talk to people a lot. We said hello, spoke briefly, exchanged info then parted ways. While I was still standing there, a young boy probably around eight or ten years old told Dixon that he was an inspiring young violinist and how much he meant to him. It was a special moment and a cool interaction to see. It was also important for people to be able to get out and enjoy themselves in a social setting. The Safety Harbor Art & Music Center took all necessary steps and followed the proper guidelines to ensure the safety of its patrons so the vibe was really mellow.

I would genuinely recommend checking out Dixon’s Violin. Regardless of your taste in music or chosen genre, it might be a way for you to step back from your daily routine. Oh yea don’t forget to check out The Safety Harbor Art & Music Center – SHAM!

View this short Dixon Concert Video


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