Sensory deprivation.
To deprive the senses.
This description does not seem fitting.
I did not feel as if i was denying myself of anything at all.
Based on my experience,it was more like a spa day for the senses.
A complete letting go
My sight became internal so it stretched to its limit. Beyond the grasp of the bombarding chatter from the outside world.
There is no sound yet you hear everything.
The temperature and density of the water made my muscles feel like a game of tug of war,and both sides drop the rope. The tension disappeared,no feeling of weigt or gravity .
So to give some background.
I have never been able to float in open water.
So once I got past being as giddy as a sleepover, I wipe the ridiculous smile off my face ,now I can focus. Then immediately my form was revealed to me in a way I could not predict. Overall it was a tranquil and relaxing journey of self. Others may not feel the same or be able replicate my experience.
There are a few things to be weary of concerning safety and health. The salt may cause irritation,or being confined in a small space might not be your thing, but if your are able to get past some minor draw backs. I would say it is worth it to at least find more related info. Its definitely worth the time.
If you do let us know you journey.
by E.Y.E.S


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